A new McDonald’s drink hack is going viral — thanks to David Dobrik

A new McDonald’s TikTok hack has customers stacking up their drink cups.

The reason? Apparently, the restaurant’s cups are made to fit on top of one another.

That’s the claim behind a now-viral TikTok, posted by YouTube star David Dobrik. In the clip, Dobrik tests a McDonald’s hack he claims he’s seen elsewhere on TikTok.

As the YouTuber explains, the chain’s McFlurry dessert cups are supposedly designed to fit perfectly on top of a standard drink cup. When pushed into the drink lid, a McFlurry will lock in place — making it easier to carry both cups at once time.

“Apparently, it’s supposed to hold your McFlurry,” Dobrik says before trying the hack. Then, lo and behold, he successfully attaches the two cups.


Tiktok has taught me a lot about life

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“Holy s*** that’s crazy!” Dobrik says. “Oh my god, why doesn’t McDonald’s advertise this?”

The YouTuber proceeds to tilt his drink cup sideways, showing how it holds the McFlurry cup in place. In his reaction, Dobrik’s usual enthusiasm was on full display.

Many TikTokers were equally excited. Some commenters shared how impressed they were that Dobrik “trusted” the hack enough to flip his cup sideways.

“My anxiety when he turned the cup sideways,” one user wrote.

“David has too much trust in that lid,” another added.

Others used the opportunity to ask why Dobrik, who has more than 18 million YouTube subscribers, has been so silent on his channel. The question has become increasingly common on Dobrik’s other social channels, considering the fact that he hasn’t uploaded a new video in at least nine months.

Still, many at least appreciated his willingness to share the McDonald’s TikTok hack.

The drink-holding trick is just the latest of its kind to go viral on TikTok. Late last year, users on the app shared another hack: how to make the chain’s famous McGriddles at home.

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