TikTok just found a ‘secret’ moment in ‘Mean Girls’ — and fans of the movie aren’t OK

Mean Girls fans are freaking out over an allegedly “secret” moment in the movie.

The reveal — which, if you buy it, changes a lot about the iconic 2004 comedy film — comes courtesy of TikTok user Sabrina Alease.

According to Alease’s video, the hidden moment also features the “most iconic” joke in the entire movie. As her video explains, it all comes down to one word.


Mean girls movie fun fact: Lesbian and Lebanese are not the same #moviefunfact #meangirls #movies #teenmovies #regina

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In her clip, Alease points out that a major plot point in Mean Girls hinges on Regina George (the film’s villain, played by Rachel McAdams) disliking Janis Ian (played by Lizzy Caplan), for being gay.

However, in a moment at the end of the film, Janis explains that she’s Lebanese — according to Alease, that’s where Regina got confused.

“The whole premise of the movie is based on the fact that Regina didn’t understand the difference between ‘Lebanese’ and ‘lesbian,'” Alease says in her video.

In the context of the movie, Alease’s theory makes sense. It’s shown throughout Mean Girls that Regina is not exactly the smartest girl in school. Also, she’s extremely vindictive.

Obviously, defriending anyone based on their sexuality is completely evil, but it would also make perfect sense if Regina made that decision based on a total misunderstanding. That’s why the theory seems to be blowing many fans’ minds.

“How did no one notice this?” one user asked.

“OK you blew my mind,” another added.

“LOL I never caught that,” another wrote.

Meanwhile, other Mean Girls super fans (this writer included), don’t buy it. For one, Regina tells an entire story about her falling out with Janis, which seems to conflict with the whole “Lebanese” confusion joke. However, if it is true, it changes a lot about the way fans interpret the movie’s plot.

“If Regina didn’t spread that rumor … Janis wouldn’t have sought revenge which means [the movie never] would have been,” Alease wrote in a comment.

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