Medical student shares studying hack that helps them pass every test: ‘That is genius’

Studying for major exams can be stressful and time-consuming for any student. But one med student on TikTok is sharing “the only reason” they pass their tests (every time), and the simple tip seems to be resonating with a lot of people.

According to @mymoxzi, who frequently posts videos about how to prepare for tests, the secret is tracing.

In one viral video, they take a square piece of tracing paper, place it over their computer screen and begin to trace the anatomy of a foot and ankle. When they’re done, they place it inside their notebook alongside other relevant notes and label each part of the foot clearly.

The tactic is usually best for visual learners, who remember things more by sight and visual cues than anything else. This means that they do better when sitting toward the front of the classroom, using flashcards or having color-coded notes. Likewise, drawing and doodling notes or other things to jog the memory can have a real impact on their recall.

Most of @mymoxzi’s videos feature other sketches or tracings they do while studying to keep the material fresh in their minds.

In one, the TikToker appears to trace a complete guide of the tibia and fibula stress injuries. In another, she’s coloring in the image of a gallbladder.

“bro literally copy and pastes irl,” one user wrote on the video.

“I retain information so much better if I write it by hand compared to on computer,” shared someone else.

“that is genius,” another said plainly.

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