Meet MICHELLE, the 6-piece group breaking into the indie-pop scene

MICHELLE (@wearemichelle) is a 6-person New York indie-pop collective making songs perfect for any summer night. The musical group is made up of singers, producers, and songwriters who all collaborate to make their distinct, catchy sound. Making It—a co-production between In The Know and Complex—sat down with MICHELLE to discuss how they wouldn’t be able to achieve their unique sound without each other. 

The conception of MICHELLE was unconventional, and the group’s members admit that they didn’t have any intention of forming a group when they all got together. “Julian [Kaufman, drummer] and Charlie [Kilgore, producer] are responsible for our formation,” says vocalist and songwriter, Layla Ku. “They called us in and some other great collaborators and friends of ours to do these sessions and make these projects that was just a passion project at the time, just to get through a very brutal city summer.”

The members of MICHELLE didn’t even all meet until their first live show. “It was really special and also awkward,” shares vocalist and songwriter, Sofia D’Angelo. “The music is just such a fast and easy glue to bring all of us together, because it did in the first place.”

While being in a band has its ups and downs, the members of MICHELLE agree that there is strength in numbers. “Now you have five other people to check in on or if something’s not working you have to either remove the ego or really work with the ego or whatever, but really it becomes more of a family in that way, that you have to argue or find joy with five other people,” says vocalist and songwriter, Emma Lee. 

Of course, compromise and collaboration are key, but MICHELLE’s sound is no one single member’s vision. “Everyone in the band has to suspend their own vision just a little bit to make the final [version of] whatever the thing we’re working on,” says producer Charlie Kilgore. “Whatever we’re making, it’s not going to look like any single person in the band thought it would when we first started because everyone has their disagreements and it all has to get mashed together for this one usually beautiful thing.”

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