Meet the creators and innovators making waves in the gaming industry

Streamers and content creators are shaping the gaming industry and proving that esports is so much more than “just” video games.

These five gamers spoke with In The Know about how they turned their passions for gaming into full-fledged careers.

Rocky Stoutenburgh

Stoutenburgh, AKA @rockynohands, is a Twitch streamer with Luminosity Gaming.  

Due to a hockey accident, Stoutenburgh was left with limited mobility in all of his limbs.

“I’m paralyzed from the chest down and it’s been 14 years now,” Stoutenburgh told In The Know. 

But with the QuadStick, a mouth-operated joystick for gamers, there were few limitations in esports. 

“When I first got the QuadStick, I wasn’t that good. This last year has definitely been my most successful year,” Stoutenburgh said. “Being able to game and make money off of it or being able to join one of the most popular esports teams in North America just using my mouth only is definitely crazy but I don’t just want to be happy where I am at. I want to grow more.” 

Alex Kushelevskiy and Jordan Schneider

Kushelevskiy, AKA @formula, and Schnieder, AKA  @randumbjordan, are co-owners and content creators at One Percent, a collaborative gaming group. 

“Gaming definitely went from a college to a career the second I dropped out of college,” Kushelevskiy said. “Because at that point I realized that if I don’t make this work there is no backup plan.” 

“This is something that’s a lot more accessible than a lot of careers,” Schneider said. 

Andrew Telfer

Telfer AKA @thenasher61, is a YouTuberTwitch streamer and esports commentator with the NHL who’s sharing his passion of hockey. 

“Pretty much giving people content whether that’s gaming, real life, all ages, people who have never played, people who have been playing their whole life, they can all tune in and enjoy my stuff,” Telfer said. 

Hannah Bryan

Bryan, AKA @noisybutters, is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer and content creator. 

“I’ve been gaming since before I could really walk. If anybody wants to pursue content creation or gaming as a career, I say just do it. Jump in. It really warms my heart when people reach out to me and say hey, ‘I had a bad day. I watched your video, now I’m happy.'” 

Ahman Green

Green, AKA @ahmangreen30, is a gamer, former NFL player and head coach of the esports program at Lakeland University in Plymouth, Wis. 

“I played 12 years in the NFL, I knew right away me having a background in traditional sports — how that would marry to being a head coach in esports,” Green said. “I helped them get there and be a well-rounded gamer and a well-rounded human being at the end of the day.” 

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