Meet the man who lives in a 100-square-foot home and grows all of his food

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Eight years ago Rob Greenfield came to the realization that every action in his life was impacting the world he loved.

“I had to shift my life,” he told In The Know “How can I be happy and healthy while doing it in a way that contributes to other people rather than takes away?”

From harvesting and foraging 100 percent of his own food, drinking rainwater, living in a 100-square-foot house and using a compost toilet, the Orlando, Fla., resident has found a way to reduce his daily impact. Instead of paying rent with money, Greenfield pays his landowner by helping her attain a more sustainable lifestyle — and by working on her land.

“Right now I don’t have a single bill to my name, no credit card or debit card, no bank account … not even a drivers’ license!” he explained. “I’m keeping things pretty simple.” 

His home, which Greenfield says is “literally just a square,” is evidence of that lifestyle. The tiny house features a little more than a bed and a shelf of dried goods like home-harvested honey, garden-grown pumpkins and other veggies. But the lack of space doesn’t seem to bother him.

“In order to inspire people, sometimes you have to do things that are a little extreme,” he said.

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