Meet the minimalist who feeds himself by dumpster diving

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Freddy Freegan has lasted more than two years without visiting a grocery store.

That’s because he doesn’t really need to buy food. Not when he can search for it.

“Pretty much all the food I eat is stuff that would be going to waste,” he told In The Know.

Freegan, who renamed himself after the “freegan” lifestyle he adheres to, subsists solely off of scavenging and recovering discarded food. Some people would call it “dumpster diving,” but to him, he’s setting an example.

“If I can live on stuff that’s going to waste, I know a lot of people can,” he Freegan In The Know.

Freegan spends plenty of time searching through peoples’ trash, and he’s learned a lot along the way. He says that the first of the month is the best time to go looking, as people are moving and throw out plenty of food, spices and non-perishables.

Another part of it is prioritizing what he eats, and when. Freegan often takes full stock of his fridge, and plans to use the things that will go bad first. He admits it was an adjustment at first, but now he’s totally used to it — and proud of the effect his lifestyle has on the planet.

“I’ve just gotten more and more comfortable with it,” he said. “Because, in my heart, I know it’s the right thing to do.”

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