Meet the streamer in full glam who paved the way for drag queens on Twitch

Deere is a makeup artist paving the way for fellow drag video game streamers on the platform, Twitch.

When Deere started on Twitch in 2016, the site was thought of as a place for young straight men to play video games. Deere carved out a space for herself and fellow drag queens and even started a group called Stream Queens, made up of 29 drag streamers on Twitch.

Now she’s also a Twitch partner and TwitchCon ambassador.

“My Twitch channel started as something that I didn’t see available, which was my interests: video games and drag. I wanted to watch that and I was like, ‘No one is making that so I’m going to produce the content that I wish was available to me,'” Deere told NBC News in 2019.

Deere purchased her first gaming PC in 2016 and decided to mesh together her two favorite interests: makeup and video games. To her, it just made sense, and fortunately, Deere’s vision for the integration of drag and gaming was a welcomed idea, embraced by the Twitch community.

Deere and the other members of the Stream Queens gravitate towards playing more campy, horror video games so that they can poke fun at “stressful and scary” situations. According to Deere, the over-the-top drama typically found in these types of games aligns perfectly with the over-the-top theatrics of drag queens too.

Plus, poking fun at “stressful and scary” situations also allows the drag queens to face trolls in the comments section.

In a panel at TwitchCon in 2019, fellow Stream Queen Trashly explained, “I actually learned from Deere specifically how to handle trolls because it’s the best thing to do — you mispronounce their messages that they do in chat and so, it’s like, ‘I hate figs? Why would you hate figs? They’re a good source of fiber!'”

Overall, Deere loves that Twitch has been mostly so welcoming to her head-to-toe glam looks and themed costumes. It makes gaming all the more fun.

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