Meet the woman who wears the exact same color each day

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Valeria McCulloch has spent the last 20 years decorating her life in a very specific shade of blue. From her shoes and clothes to even the furniture in her home, the Miami resident is dedicated to surrounding herself in the hue — for a specific reason.

“Blue has been known psychologically to transmit peace and serenity,” she told In The Know. “It’s a comforting hue — you know that you’re protected by the sky or the sea.”

She’s even taken on a nickname VALBLV (pronounced: “Val-Blue”) after the color she famously dons. McCulloch said she first fell in love with the shade when she began studying art.

“I started experimenting with doing a lot of collage. By far, the most transcendental color to me was blue,” she said.

By the time she graduated from school, she made it her goal to continuously explore one single color. She jokes that she’s almost “married” to blue.

The serious part, though, is the effect it’s had on her life. For McCulloch, incorporating the color into her day-to-day means adding a little bit of extra passion to everything she does.

“One of the ideas I’d like to be able to transmit is that it’s OK to act selfishly sometimes,” she said. “And do things that inspire you.”

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