TikTokers want to know if they have ‘Megan knees’

TikTokers are testing themselves to see if they have one of the most coveted features on the internet: “Megan knees.” 

Move over “Alors on Danse,” there’s a new dance challenge taking social media by storm. Inspired by none other than Megan Thee Stallion, people want to know if their knees are as resilient as the “Body” rapper’s. Megan is known for her enviable dance moves particularly her twerking and so-called stripper squats. Now folks want to know if their joints stack up against rap diva’s.

What are “Megan knees” on TikTok

Urban Dictionary has a lengthy definition for the term “Megan knees.” 

“When someone can coordinate moving their hips, knees, and a**; While moving up and down with rhythm. Like Megan Thee Stallion does while dancing on stage. To be good at this one has to have strength in their legs. Also many hours of dancing in the mirror. A useful way for women to embrace their sexuality,” according to the resource

What is the “Megan knees” TikTok trend

The “Megan knees” challenge is all about showing off your physical strength and endurance through hip-hop dance. The hashtag #meganknees currently has 243.6 million views on TikTok, while #megankneeschallenge has 121.8 million views. 

Examples of the “Megan knees” trend

“Just your regular corporate America gall trying to see if she still got it,” @saraidacecilia said as she did squats, splits and twerked

“Can you still have Megan knees after kids?” @lovesoreal wondered. The answer was a resounding: yes. The mom also noted the look on her husband’s face.

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