TikTokers are crafting their captions to get your attention with a clever hack

This TikTok hack to get more followers is leaving some people confused and even a little betrayed. 

If you’ve ever stumbled across a TikTok Live titled “mentioned you,” you might have wondered why a random user was talking about you. You might have even gone to the live stream and asked about it in the comment section. Only to find out you were never brought up in the first place. It’s because creators are naming their Lives “mentioned you” in order to lure in unassuming viewers. 

What does “mentioned you” mean on TikTok Live? 

It seems that some TikTokers have gotten a bit sneaky when it comes to increasing their views. They have taken to naming their TikTok Live streams “mentioned you” to trick users into thinking they were a topic of discussion.

According to @thatcrazyboymom4, this is just a trick to get you to tune into their Live video. 

“They didn’t mention you on Live. They wrote ‘mentioned you’ on Live in order to get your attention. They didn’t really mention you. They’re jacka****. They just want you to watch their Live. Don’t watch it,” she said

TikToker @marli_zann admitted she was a victim of this clever scheme. 

“Has this happened to anybody else at all?” she asked. “Where they see on their Live, that somebody writes ‘Live: mentioned you.’ And you’re like, ‘They mentioned me? Why would they mention me? Let me go check it out.’ Then they totally ignore you because they didn’t really mention you. It was just a scam to get you to join their Live.” 


@kari_joy #mentionedyou #imnot #obsessed #ChipsGotTalent They do! Any chip has talent. You gotta look for it. #IFeelWeightless

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The user @ranhound is the perfect example of the TikTok hack. He saw a live stream in his activity feed that read, “@kari_joy is LIVE: Mentioned You” and believed the user was trying to get his attention. 

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