TikTok is obsessed with these ‘unusual,’ one-of-a-kind meringue floaties

This home chef’s adorable meringue floaties will give you the warm fuzzies. 

Amy Chao is a 26-year-old self-taught baker from the Netherlands. Chao always followed a lot of cooking channels on social media, but none of them were that visually exciting. When she started her own TikTok, she was sure to add more playful elements. 

“I always followed a lot of cooking and baking accounts, but it was mostly the ‘standard’ types of cakes, pastries, etc. So, that’s why I wanted to make food and desserts that would look cute or different than usual,” Chao told In The Know. 

Most of her meringue floaties are small animals like pigs and cows suspended in a beverage. 

“I started making the meringue floaties because I saw someone post a video of putting a meringue cookie in a cup of milk and thought it looked fun, the way they wobble in the drink,” Chao said. “The meringue was shaped into a heart and I thought, ‘Why not try to make different shaped animals?’ I started off making cats, bears and pigs.” 


Antwoorden aan @meahkassandra because it’s Lunar festival I made these first 🙂 next ones are coming soon! #lunarfestival #meringuecookies #fyp #fy

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In March, her “dinosaurs in love” floaties went viral with over 1.9 million views. Chao created chubby little blue and green dinosaurs out of meringue, based on artist Moriah Elizabeth’s dinosaur characters Pickle and Derp. Each tiny dino held a heart in its hands and had a smile on its face. She dunked the little treats in mugs of milk and coffee and film them bouncing and wobbling around.

Chao’s meringue floaties weren’t a hit on TikTok right off the bat, but after someone requested a recipe for the unique dessert, things took off.

“After posting the recipe video that’s when it started to go viral and the requests kept coming,” Chao said. “When I noticed these meringue floaties were such a hit, I kept making them by request.” 

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