Mom’s strangely mesmerizing restocking video captures just how much parents do around the house

TikToker, mom, and wife Catherine Benson (@_catben_) mesmerized other TikTok users with her viral video showing her restocking various items in her home

No spot in Catherine’s home is unorganized. From the sodas in her refrigerator to the alphabetically arranged spice drawer, each nook and cranny is organized efficiently and specifically. Even her toilet paper rolls have a special basket that gets refilled! 

Catherine makes her way through the house, starting with replacing an empty paper towel roll. With a flick of the rist, she’s also restocked the napkin holder, then moves on to efficiently fill a glass jar with sesame seeds and label it with a sticker. The sesame seeds go in the spice drawer. 

Catherine then opens her refrigerator, which is beautifully packed back to front with chocolate milk, sodas, and fruit cups. She restocks each item and makes sure older items are closer to the front. Sugar, coffee, and snacks also get restocked cleverly, as Catherine makes sure that the older ingredients are the first to get used. 

TikTok users were amazed by Catherine’s organization skills

One user wrote, “I notice you pour out what’s already inside and then add it back. Why?”

Catherine responded, “So the old is used before the new!” Clever! 

Another user wrote, “I like how you’re so organized.” 

While this video is impressive and satisfying to watch, it also shows how much parents have to do around the house! According to a research study conducted by Arm & Hammer, partnered parents spend about 23 hours a month on cleaning and housework! 

While cleaning hacks and tips can help, the fact remains that keeping an organized and clean household is no easy task! 

One way to lighten the load can be to assign age-appropriate chores to your kids!  Few children want to do chores, but they can benefit children by teaching responsibility, improving self-esteem, and proving the benefit of hard work according to the Center for Parenting Education.

Keeping everyone in the home organized and clean can do a number on a parent’s stress and exhaustion. Remember to take some time for yourself, get plenty of sleep, make time for your interests and hobbies, and ask for back up when you need it!

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