Mom’s mess-free finger paint hack causes unexpected controversy on TikTok: ‘Oh please…’

This parent came up with a mess-free way to let her child enjoy finger painting — but not everyone agrees it’s a good idea!

Myriam Sandler (@mothercould) is a parent who loves sharing DIY activities and life hacks on TikTok — and recently, she shared a finger painting hack that’s just as fun for parents as it is for kids.

That’s because it allows kids to enjoy finger painting, while sparing parents from having to clean up the mess! 

All you need are finger paints, paper, and a resealable plastic bag. 

In the amusing and helpful video, Myriam switches back and forth between the perspective of an adult and a toddler in order to demonstrate her finger painting hack

First, Myriam, dressed as a toddler in a poofy princess dress, shows how messy traditional finger painting can be. 

Next, Myriam “transforms” back into an adult to demonstrate her finger painting hack. She begins by squeezing globs of different colored paints onto a piece of paper. The different paints take up one side of the paper, while the other is left blank. Finally, Myriam carefully slides the piece of paper into a plastic bag, and seals it to ensure paint can’t drip out.

Then Myriam dons her toddler costume once again to demonstrate how the plastic bag finger paints work. She presses her finger into different colors of paint and slides it around the bag to create colorful streaks. Because the paints are in the bag, they can be smeared on the paper without getting on Myriam’s hands. 

TikTok users were torn over this arts and crafts hack

Myriam’s finger painting hack caused a bit of controversy in the comments section, with some viewers arguing that a little messiness is part of the fun of finger painting. 

“But children learn by touch and experiencing different textures. I feel they would be missing out,” wrote one TikToker.

“Oh please… Let them be messy! That’s how children learn,” responded another.

Other parents jumped in to defend the hack and its creator. 

“OMG all you people saying it ruins the fun, sometimes moms just want a mess free activity. Doesn’t mean we do this all the time,” wrote one TikTok parent. 

“Why are people who aren’t parents commenting and criticizing? How about you leave the people who actually clean up after busy toddlers to discuss?” responded another. 

Myriam also entered the debate, explaining that the hack is “meant for children who still put everything in their mouths.” 

Whether it’s messy or not, artistic expression is an important part of child development. Making art can help kids develop more advanced motor skills, language skills, and grow into more creative people.

Myriam’s finger painting hack just has the added bonus of promoting creativity without making a mess!

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