Parents dig Mickey Mouse-shaped hole in backyard for gorgeous Disney lawn transformation: ‘So awesome’

A backyard tribute to Mickey Mouse is going viral and stunning Disney fans around the world!

Morgan Stewart (@morgan_stewart14) gained over 20 million views and 5,000 comments when she posted footage of her parents’ hard work to her TikTok account.

Now, much like the teenage babysitter who shocked the world with her emotional rendition of “Part of Your World,” Morgan’s video is going viral with Disney lovers everywhere!

Over the course of nine videos, Morgan painstakingly documented all of her parents’ hard work in their backyard.

They started by digging a large Mickey Mouse shape in their lawn. After leveling the dirt, they lined the area and filled it with gravel.

Next went the cement, which they carefully smoothed out. After the cement was dry, they began laying out their stones.

After laying down row upon row of paving stone, they installed edging around the pavers, further defining the Mickey Mouse shape.

Once that was done, they sealed the stones, installed a fire pit, arranged new chairs — and their Disney-themed patio hangout was complete!

Thousands of Disney fans reacted to Morgan’s video in the comments.

“This is so awesome,” one viewer commented.

“This is gonna be in my garden when I’m older, and no one’s gonna stop me,” one viewer wrote.

“Now make a pool from Minnie Mouse,” another viewer suggested.

Whether or not you’re a Disney fan, we can all agree that Morgan’s parents poured a lot of love into this DIY backyard project — and they’re sure to make many happy memories on their new handmade patio!

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