Mom takes former micro-preemie twins to Target for the very first time and captures their pure joy

When adults walk into Target they feel like kids in a candy store. When kids walk into Target it’s perfect bliss. 

TikToker @savyjane shared what it was like to take her twin boys to the department store for the first time. The two sons are former micro-preemies.

micro-preemie is a baby born before the 26th week of pregnancy or one who was born weighing less than 28 ounces. Micro-preemies are born significantly underweight and in the early stages of development. Thus, they face even higher risks and complications than other premature infants. 

“POV: You and your twin are immunocompromised former micro-preemies and you experience the happiest place on earth for the first time… ever,” the mom wrote in a caption

The two boys sat in the seats of the giant red shopping cart donning face masks. They were absolutely giddy with laughter as mom pushed them throughout the massive store. 

The joyful video racked up 4.5 million views on TikTok.

“My Target heart just grew three sizes,” Target wrote in the replies. 

“This is so cute but if I heard this from a few aisles away, I’d be slightly terrified,” a user joked

“Why does it sound like there are three or four of them,” another said

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