Woman shares ‘horrible’ results from semi-permanent eyebrow procedure

A woman was left speechless with her results after visiting a salon to get her eyebrows microbladed.

Microblading has become more and more popular within recent years — especially when thicker eyebrows became more mainstream. The process requires a professional to use a pen with a sloped blade with 10 to 12 little needles on the end, making light strokes over your eyebrows to create the illusion of natural hair. The needles don’t actually penetrate the skin but gently scratch the surface of the skin so that the pigment can be injected onto the epidermis layer of the skin.

Unlike tattooing, microblading is only a semi-permanent process and fades within 18 months.

Typically, the professional will measure the person’s face to take into account the shape, symmetry and facial features so that the final product is “perfect” for that individual — but, of course, customers get to have some input into the process.

That’s what TikTok user @bakeryboss69, who goes by Jesselyn on the app, wished she had more of during her experience — input.

“When reality kicks in, and you realize you should have got thinner semi-permanent brows instead,” she captioned the video.

Fortunately for Jesselyn, most of the commenters assured her that it would only be temporary.

“It won’t be as aggressive once healed,” someone commented. “I just went through this too.”

“Trust the process!” another added. “They get better!”

“Doesn’t look bad,” a commenter reassured. “I was expecting something horrible.”

Jesselyn also kept followers updated with how her eyebrows progressed after about a week.

“I’m feeling pretty good,” she wrote.

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