Microsoft confirms Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X details and release dates

Over the past few days, Microsoft confirmed the long-rumored existence of the Xbox Series S and set a release date as well as pricing for both the Series S and Series X.

The new console is being touted as a smaller alternative to its big brother, the Xbox Series X. According to Microsoft, it’s nearly 60 percent smaller than the Series X, which currently makes it the smallest console overall in the ninth console generation.

Rumors about the Series S swirled around various corners of the internet on Sept. 7. Hours later, Microsoft put the rumors to rest and acknowledged that the leaks were true.

Naturally, being a smaller console, the Series S comes with fewer features. Compared to the Series X, the Series S has less RAM, a much weaker graphics card, half the storage space and no optical drive (which means you’ll have to download all your games). However, it’s also significantly cheaper at $299, whereas the Series X will cost $499.

Credit: Microsoft

The Series S has put Microsoft in a comfortable position for the ninth generation. Hardcore fans will be purchasing the Series X for its premium features, but anyone on the fence might be swayed by the Series S’ attractive price tag and smaller profile.

For longtime Xbox players, the diminutive Series S is something of an inside joke. When Microsoft entered the console market with the first Xbox in 2001, the company was trolled relentlessly by gamers who found the machine and joypad (which looks like it was playtested on NBA players) to be laughably bulky.

With the Series S, it appears that Microsoft has come full circle, but the company still can’t seem to shake off the memes. The Series X has been compared to a fridge and now the Series S is already being dogged on as a laundry machine. To Microsoft’s credit, the company has embraced the ribbing with a slick self-own.

Well played, Xbox social media team. Well played.

The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will both launch on November 10.

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