What does ‘mid’ mean and is it offensive?

If TikTok is feeling “mid” about you, it’s time to step your game up. 

The latest edition of Gen Z slang includes the term “mid.” It’s not exactly the worse thing you can be, it’s not exactly great either — it’s mid. The new internet lingo is a way for people to express disappointment about something they deem to be mediocre or run of the mill. 

What does “mid” mean on TikTok

When @yxlenabelova promised their “edit,” a mash-up of Disney and Marvel properties, was “boutta be lit” people dubbed it “mid” instead. 

“1.7 million [likes] for a mid edit,” a user commented

“Bro, the edit was so mid,” another said

The users felt the edit had unearned praise and couldn’t figure out why it had so many likes and views. According to Urban Dictionary, mid means, “Used to insult or degrade an opposing opinion, labeling it average or poor quality.” Some people might preemptively call their content “mid” to avoid criticism. 

It sometimes refers to s-tier lists

For TikTokers, like @infgxr__, who make s-tier lists, “mid” may just refer to mid-tier. 

Other times it’s an abbreviation for “midsize” 

Fashionistas who curate midsize fashion often use the hashtag #mid as an abbreviation for the term. This makes their “mid” video content easier to find on the app. 

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