Chipotle is now selling a Miley Cyrus-inspired burrito — all thanks to TikTok

A Miley Cyrus Chipotle burrito is now for sale — and customers have TikTok to thank.

The custom burrito, based on the singer’s own go-to order, hit Chipotle’s menu thanks to a recent trend on the app. TikTokers have spent the past several weeks promising to do almost anything if Cyrus commented on their video (one fan even promised to shave their head).

Chipotle, which its own shockingly good TikTok account, decided to join in.

“If Miley Cyrus comments we’ll make a Miley burrito in our app,” the chain captioned its plea.

Of course, Cyrus responded. In what seemed like an instant, the “Guac is extra but so is Miley burrito” was born.

The all-veggie burrito is packed with white rice, black beans, chili-corn salsa, tomatillo salsa and of course, guacamole. It’s now available for order on the Chipotle app or website. Ordering it in person may be a different story, as the chain suggests that you might be met with some strange looks if you ask for the “Miley burrito” out of the blue.

TikTok seemed to freak out over the Miley burrito, and the fact that it spawned from their own viral trend.

“Chipotle and Miley Cyrus is the collab I’m looking for,” one user wrote.

“I’m so getting one,” another added.

Of course, Miley isn’t the first celebrity to get her own Chipotle order. In recent months, YouTuber David Dobrik announced his second collab with the fast-casual chain, which, in Dobrik fashion, involved a $10,000 giveaway.

To see how the Miley Cyrus Chipotle burrito compares to past celeb orders, we sent In The Know producer Mark out to try the meal himself. Here’s how it went.

Trying the Miley Cyrus Chipotle burrito

Credit: ITK

Mark, who definitely recommends trying the burrito, was especially happy about its “smokey” flavor — which probably has something to do with all that salsa. Additionally, he seemed pretty pleased by the guac-to-everything-else ratio.

“I didn’t even notice the lack of meat and I think that’s because of the good amount of guac in the burrito,” Mark said.

Mark’s girlfriend, Rachel, also praised the guac. She added that the burrito tasted a lot different than Chipotle’s other items.

“I like this a lot. Keep it all year round!” Rachel said.

If one very excited couple isn’t enough to get you excited about Miley’s burrito, then you’re just going to have to try it yourself. Or not! You could always wait for the next celebrity-inspired fast food item to make its debut.

Also, be sure to watch the video above to see even more of the Miley burrito.

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