People are letting Miley Cyrus make their major life decisions for them on TikTok

Miley Cyrus has been busy.

On Nov. 27, she dropped a new album. A week later, she was the focus of a new TikTok trend.

Users are sharing videos saying “If Miley Cyrus comments on this …” and then offering to do something outrageous. Sometimes they offer to let her choose what it is that they do.

For example, @taylor.walls said she’d stop texting “him” — who that might be is not clear — if Cyrus left a comment on her video.

“D.U.M.P. H.I.M.,” Cryus replied.

“If you say so queen,” @taylor.walls wrote.

Next, @thejarr said that if Cyrus left a comment, she’d dye her hair and tell her crush she likes them.


@mileycyrus shot in the dark babe

♬ original sound – Eli Rallo by The Jarr

Cyrus commented, and @thejarr went from brunette to blonde.

Upping the stakes even more, @michaelalove_ said she’d let Cyrus pick her daughter’s name for her.


All on you Miley we don’t have any names😂💕 #mileycyrus #EasyDIY #BagelBopsContest #CashAppInBio #fyp @mileycyrus

♬ original sound – Michaela Love

“This is a lot of pressure y’all give Miley some time,” one user wrote.

“Imagine being named by Miley Cyrus,” another said.

Though it took a day for her to respond, the singer picked “California,” and @michaelalove_ said she loved it.

Cyrus has been commenting to dozens of these — and there are now dozens of people now obligated to pierce things, dye their hair and get tattoos in her honor. Not a bad way to promote your album, to be honest.

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