Why are TikTok users trying to climb pyramids made of milk crates?

The “Milk Crate Challenge” is going viral on social media. And we don’t recommend trying this at home

On August 21, the multimedia company Sir Veillance Studios shared a video on Twitter where a man tries to walk up and down a staircase made of milk crates. The viral clip currently has over 8.3 million views. It has also spawned a dangerous meme. 

What is the “Milk Crate Challenge?” 

“A man by the name of White Mike has set a new world record, being the first person to complete the Milk Crate Challenge while rolling a blunt,” the Twitter caption read

For the challenge, the crate staircase went up, reached a peak and then down again. While rolling a blunt, Mike walked up one side of the staircase as people cheered him on. Then he stood at the peak for a while before he walked down the other side with ease. When he landed, he had completed the blunt. The crowd hyped him up. 

Others try the “Milk Crate Challenge” 

The “Milk Crate Challenge” is dangerous because you can easily lose balance and fall. However, only a few of the videos on TikTok are labeled, “The action in this video could result in serious injury.”

“Unc knocked it out straight from the construction site,” the user @Theloot7 wrote on Twitter. 

His uncle completed the challenge safely but not before crates started to topple over behind him. 

TikToker Brittany Morris shared a video of some friends doing the challenge. The clip is the perfect cautionary tale. Just when her friend reached the peak, the stairs came crashing down. He had a pretty nasty fall and nearly landed face first. 

When a person commented to ask if he was OK, Morris replied “He’s straight” with a laughing emoji. 

In @chelsi_tynesha‘s video, a man gave the challenge a try. He only made it halfway before taking a spill and destroying the entire staircase. His friends did appear to get a laugh out of the unsuccessful attempt and he appeared uninjured. 

The user @therealnsanity attempted the challenge but her strategy was much more slow and steady than her male counterparts. Eventually, she managed to complete it without knocking over any crates. 

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