Mom captures newborn son’s ‘milk drunk’ euphoria after breastfeeding: ‘Bro is floating’

A mom shared footage of her baby boy totally “milk drunk.” This is what absolute euphoria really looks like. 

Adults have probably seen this face before, at least during their college days. It’s the moment the wine has you reaching peak tipsiness, and you’re feeling good. You’re feeling so good, in fact, that everyone can see the positive vibes written all over your face. 

TikTok mom @krazykenzie03 posted the video of her newborn son completely “drunk” on her breastmilk. 

The mom held her baby boy in her arms. He was wearing a green onesie that was covered in splashes of milk, much like his dribble-coated chin. The little guy could barely keep his eyes open. 

It was like he was in a daze of pure bliss. The hashtags the mom used, “#breastfedbabies” and “#milkdrunk,” could not have been more accurate.

The hilarious video racked up 7.7 million views and 1.6 million likes on TikTok.  

“That milk got bro somewhere in the Milky Way,” a user joked

“Me sitting alone in the corner of the party,” another wrote

“Bro is floating through multiple dimensions,” someone added

“Breast milk be intoxicating like that,” a person commented

“He fighting for his life against that melatonin,” a user replied

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