Millennials and Gen Xers have created their own ‘old school’ dance challenge on TikTok

On a certain side of TikTok, the newest dance trend taking over is the “Millennial Dance Challenge.”

Created and choreographed by user Nathan Tex Wilson, this old school dance challenge is comprised of iconic moves from the ’90s, ’00s and ’10s like MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” shuffle, the Roger Rabbit, the Aunt Viv and the Dougie.

“Gen X & Millennials UNITE for the LAST TikTok Dance Challenge,” Wilson captioned his original video, which has inspired hundreds of more mature TikTok users to show the younger generation how it’s done.

One “dancing momtook a stab at the old school dance challenge and prompted a generational debate with her sensational moves.

“These dances are waaayyy better [than] the TikTok dances,” one person said.

“Y’all ‘TikTok dancers’ can learn sum from her,” another user commented.

“And now what do we have. TikTok dances that barely requires movement. Why can’t we have cool stuff like this,” a third user added.

Another iteration of the trend uploaded by user Davidjrx received similarly nostalgic comments, with fellow millennials noting that they “don’t make dance moves like this anymore.”

“Old school dances are the best,” one user said.

“Moves that actually take skill,” another person added, taking a jab at some of the simpler TikTok dances.

Meanwhile, Gen Zers admitted that they didn’t know what any of these iconic dance moves were called — or that they even existed.

“It occurred to me that I never [knew] the names to most of these,” one person admitted.

“I do some of these when I walk around the house I didn’t know they were actual dances,” another user confessed.

Your move, Charli.

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