Millennials, this avocado hack is honestly better than owning a house

When TikTok user kmag1 captioned her fourth-ever upload with “BEST. LIFE. HACK. EVER.” she was not messing around.

“It’s not a dance, it’s not a perfect lip sync, it’s how to save half of an avocado,” kmag1 explains.

Kmag1 stores her avocado by filling the bottom of the Tupperware with water and depositing the avocado half face-down. In her follow-up TikTok, she pulls the avocado out 24 hours later and it looks almost exactly the same.

The simple hack makes sense. Avocados are one of the healthiest foods you can eat, but storing it properly at home is almost a guaranteed disaster because of how quickly they can turn mushy and brown. Avocados require a ton of water to produce, so wrapping up a slice in plastic wrap and sticking it in your fridge almost never yields positive results.

“This is the only information I have ever needed,” one person replied.

“Of course because air can’t get to it. Genius,” another commented.

“WHAT?!?!? Game changer…..” a third said.

For the most part, people were just stunned by how aesthetically beautiful kmag1’s avocado was.

“Why is that avocado prettier and more dewy than me tho,” someone asked.

When another commenter begged to know where kmag1 got her avocado from, she explained she buys them at Costco — another insider tip if you’re looking for better avocado quality.

In a surprising twist, kmag1 did an experiment with other suggestions she got in the comments and found that oil actually worked slightly better than water, but both were better options than plastic or onions.


Give this one as much love as the first. It took me FOREVER…. Forever being a week 😉 #avocadohack #foodhack #health #lifehack #fyp #foryoupage

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