Mini dachshund curls into a ‘cinnamon roll’ to fit inside her water bowl during hot day

A mini dachshund perfectly embodied what it’s like to be unbearably hot.

There are just some days where the heat feels excruciating. No matter how much you stay in the shade, how much water you drink or how much you pump up the AC, you can never get relief. A TikToker’s mini dachshund named Ember was the epitome of over it on one especially hot day.

It was uncomfortably hot outside for the mini dachshund, who couldn’t be sated by a drink of water from her bowl. The tiny dog didn’t want to consume the water — it wanted to be submerged in it. 

“On today’s episode of: if I fits, I swims,” the caption said.

First, Ember lay down with her hindlegs dipped into the bowl and half her body on the hot cement. But that wasn’t good enough for the canine. The dog then fussed about as she tried to get her entire body in the small bowl. Finally, she curled into a little ball until she could fit in the “mini pool.” 

The funny video received 19.5 million views and 2.7 million likes on TikTok

“The way she turned into a little cinnamon roll at the end,” a user commented

“Get that baby a pool ASAP,” someone joked

“She’s so cute and curls up like a little donut at the end!” another said

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