Woman buys mini designer purse, realizes it can’t fit anything

A U.K. woman has a serious case of shopper’s remorse after unpacking a designer handbag she paid £675 ($930 USD) for.

The results of shopping can be a toss-up sometimes — so much so, there’s even a meme about it. Sometimes the pant legs are “inhumanely long,” or the bridesmaid dress you thought was perfect turns out to be “so ugly.”

In this case, Khloe Kalvina (@khloekalvina) ordered a pink Balenciaga bag online and then was surprised to see how small it actually was in real life. She recorded her reaction in a video that she uploaded to TikTok.

“So when they say mini, they really mean mini,” she wrote as the caption.


So when they say mini they really mean ₘᵢₙᵢ … #balenciaga #minibag #fyp #fashion #designer

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Kalvina went on to add that the purse really only held her ID — it wouldn’t even fit her phone.

“Not me paying £675 for a Balenciaga ‘mini’ bag and thinking it would just be a bag for my phone and money to go in,” she says in the video.

The comments were split, with some expressing surprise that anyone would spend that much money on a purse and others lamenting the problems with shopping for luxury products online.

“I really learn[ed] this the hard way,” someone said. “You cannot shop luxury online.”

“What do people even keep in these?” a commenter asked. “Or [do] they just wear it like an accessory, like a belt or necklace?”

“No way, you’ve paid way too much for a bag like that,” another added.

According to some of her replies, it seems Kalvina ultimately returned the purse. But the mini bag trend continues to baffle people.

Refinery29 traced the mini purse trend back to French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, who showed off a 3-inch handbag — called Le Chiquito — at his Spring/Summer 2018 show. For the Jacquemus Fall/Winter 2019 collection, the designer dropped Le Chiquito Petit, which is 2 inches.

Then, at the 2019 American Music Awards, Lizzo showed up with a tiny Valentino bag that almost immediately became a meme.

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