Moving into a dorm? Add extra storage for snacks, dishes and more with a mini-fridge cart

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Let’s just get this out there: Most dorm rooms aren’t great. Some are old, most are small and almost all of them are shared with at least one other human. While living in a residence hall can be great for making friends and getting the best college experience, it’s not great for space.

The key to making the most of your small space is staying organized, and one under-used area of the room is where your mini fridge sits.

If your school provides mini fridges — go you! If not, you should get one. Mini fridges are great for stashing drinks, snacks and even beauty products. However, if you feel like it takes up too much precious space, you need to get yourself a mini-fridge cart.

DormCo Suprima Portable Mini Fridge Organizer, $146.95

Credit: Walmart

Mini-fridge carts provide extra storage with drawers and shelves. For example, DormCo’s Suprima Portable Mini Fridge Organizer has two shelves for stashing snacks, dishes and utensils, and an extra shelf above for holding a microwave. So yes, you can store your Easy Mac below, cook it up top and enjoy it with a refreshingly cold La Croix from the fridge — all in your dorm room.

If you don’t like the open look of the Suprima, you can get decorative baskets and bins to hide your stuff away. Or, you can check out a more minimal rolling cart like the DormCo Fridge Stand, which offers two fabric drawers. The drawers keep any snacks and clutter tucked away, and the cart has wheels for moving it, should you need to. Plus, its raised design keeps your mini fridge off of the floor, so it’s easier to reach inside for what you need.

DormCo The Fridge Stand Supreme, $113.73

Credit: Walmart

However, if you want something that really tucks away all of your odds and ends and has a more mature look, you could go with the SystemBuild Mini Refrigerator Storage Cabinet. It comes in white or black to match your space. But more importantly, it has a space for tucking in your mini fridge, a mini countertop, a cabinet for storing things away and a top shelf for even more storage. This one is especially great if you plan to get a coffee machine — put your Keurig on the counter and your mugs up top.

SystemBuild Mini Refrigerator Storage Cabinet, $96.95+

Credit: Walmart

All three of these mini-fridge carts and cabinets are available at Walmart, and you can ship them straight to your dorm. And once you’re on campus, you can take advantage of Walmart+ to get all of your groceries, extra bedding, beauty products and anything else you might need delivered. Walmart+ offers fast delivery and free curbside pickup from your local store.

Simply order your items online and choose either option (but if you choose delivery, you won’t have to find a friend with a car to drive you off campus). Walmart makes it super easy to get the things you need, no matter if you’re at home or at school. Plus, you’ll spend less time grocery shopping and more time with your friends — or, you know, studying.

But seriously, get yourself a mini-fridge cart to add extra storage. It won’t take up much more room than your mini fridge (only vertically), and it will definitely make life easier. You’ll be glad you have snacks on hand when hunger strikes in the middle of a hardcore study sesh or after a late night out.

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