MIRROR is the exercise equipment you need to stay motivated — and it’s $300 off right now

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It’s no secret that one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to work out more. However, a 2019 study by Strava found that nearly 80% of people gave up and quit by Jan. 19. (The app calls it “Quitter’s Day.”) If you want to stay motivated and stick with your goal, you have to be smart about how you go after it.

For starters, you should set an attainable goal and one that’s measurable. Maybe you want to be able to deadlift a specific amount of weight or run a set number of miles. Nonetheless, start small and slow, especially if your goal involves exercise. Pushing yourself too hard at the beginning can increase your risk of injury and make you feel sore and tired, and therefore, it’s not fun.

But exercise can be fun — especially if you have a MIRROR.

What is MIRROR?

Credit: MIRROR

MIRROR is the “nearly invisible home gym” by lululemon that looks like your standard floor mirror, but when turned on, it’s a screen for streaming live and on-demand workouts. In fact, certified trainers from some of the country’s top fitness studios lead you through workouts and provide live feedback and motivation through MIRROR.

There’s a lot to love about it (more details below), but right now, it’s actually $300 off with code NEWYEAR22 for a limited time. You’ll also get free shipping and installation, which all together is a $550 value. It’s the perfect time to get a new piece of exercise equipment that will help keep you motivated and on track to hit your goals — all without taking up a ton of room in your home.

MIRROR’s classes are fun

Get bored easily? You won’t with MIRROR. There are over 50 types of classes to choose from, and they range in genre from yoga and strength training to boxing and dance classes. Classes also range in length from five minutes to 60 minutes and are available in beginner to expert levels.

You can take a class on your own, join a competitive class to earn points for hitting target heart rate zones, join a workout program, or even invite friends with MIRROR to take a class with you virtually.

Of course, you’ll need a membership to access classes. But it only costs $39 a month to get unlimited live and on-demand workouts for up to six people in your household. (It comes down to about $1.30 per day.)

Keep your form in check

When starting a new workout routine, it’s also important to make sure you’re exercising with proper form to prevent injuries. If you exercise at home, it can be hard to make sure you’re doing every move correctly. However, MIRROR has advanced camera technology and proprietary algorithms to deliver in-workout adjustments based on your fitness goals and personal preferences.

Also, since it is a mirror, you can watch your form in your reflection as you work out.

MIRROR has its own weights, too!

Credit: MIRROR

MIRROR’s new weights are included in the MIRROR Pro set, or you can buy them on their own. But they’re no ordinary free weights. They’re actually fully integrated smart weights that track reps and form for you.

They range from 1 pound to 35 pounds, and you can choose which ones come with your set. The weights also feature an ergonomic design, a matte chrome finish, a non-slip grip and a rubber surround.

The best deal you can get:

You can buy MIRROR on its own, but the best deal is actually the MIRROR Pro set. This set includes the MIRROR in addition to a heart rate monitor, fitness bands, a lululemon reversible mat and mat strap, a yoga block, a workout towel, a mini double foam roller and the brand’s new weights. Your MIRROR will arrive in one to two weeks (although the weights are slated to ship in six to seven weeks).

MIRROR Pro Set, $1,495 (Orig. $1,795)

Credit: MIRROR

If you’ve set a goal to get in shape but want something to help keep you motivated, MIRROR may be the perfect trick. You can start at the beginner level and work your way up to the advanced HIIT classes, and when you do, you’ll feel so proud of yourself.

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