Mischievous kid pretends to be asleep so mom will carry him

This TikTok parent caught her toddler pretending to be asleep at the end of a car ride so she would carry him into the house!

Candice Goodin (@candicegood225) is a mom who loves sharing adorable videos of her 4 sons on TikTok.

Candice recently shared a hilariously relatable video of the moment her 5-year-old, Micah, decided to pretend to be asleep in order to get her to carry him into the house after a car ride. 


Anyone else’s kids love to be carried in the house while “sleeping”? #boymom #parentsoftiktok

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In order to catch Micah pretending to be asleep, Candice set up a camera in her car at the end of a car ride. In the video, Micah, unaware that there is a camera pointed at him, considers whether to try to hitch a ride into the house by feigning sleep.

The video begins with a caption that reads, “I took this video of him while unbuckling his brother.” As Candice unbuckles one of her other sons, Micah waits patiently in his car seat. His head is turned to the side and his posture is relaxed, but his eyes are wide open.

Without moving his head an inch, Micah glances from side to side, trying to ascertain whether anyone is watching him. For a moment, Micah seems to be deep in thought. Then, satisfied that no one knows he’s awake, he closes his eyes. 

“Okay, ‘asleep,’” a caption reads. 

The video ends as Micah, now pretending to be asleep, waits for his mom to pick him up and carry him inside. 

Candice asks in a caption, “Anyone else’s kids love to be carried in the house while ‘sleeping?’”

Viewers responded to Candice’s question with a resounding ‘yes,’ sharing their own childhood memories in the comments section. 

“I remember doing this,” one viewer wrote. 

“After a certain age, my dad would just leave me in the car [until] I ‘woke up’ on my own,” another viewer recalled. 

“This was my most genius plan when I was 4,” another TikToker joked. 

Another urged Candice to continue carrying her son inside, whether or not he is truly asleep, writing, “I did this all the time when I was little. Do it for him as long as possible. He’ll never forget it.”

To which Candice responded, “He’s 5, so I don’t get to hold him much, so I make sure to soak it all in when I can.”

Micah’s ruse clearly isn’t working. After all, Candice is acutely aware that the adorable 5-year-old is faking being asleep. But, ultimately, it doesn’t matter because Candice enjoys carrying Micah inside just as much as Micah enjoys being carried. 

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