Misty Violet has fallen in love with the way drag performance makes her feel

Misty Violet (@missmistyviolet) is a Los Angeles-based full-time drag performer and “Queen of Stupid,” who loves sharing humor, self-love, and self-acceptance through her drag performances. 

“At a young age, I literally wanted to be a clown in the circus,” Misty tells In The Know. “And honestly, it’s kind of what I do. I’m still putting on a wig and funny shoes and making people laugh, so I’m a clown.” 

Growing up, Misty’s interest in clowning began with the art form’s vivid makeup and its ability to transform a person into “this other being,” as well as the entertainment factor. “I could make people laugh. Or run and scream,” Misty tells In The Know. “I could evoke emotion using essentially what I’m given.” 

Humor and clowning drive Misty’s identity as a drag queen. Misty sees clowning as a “mirror,” specifically a reflection of the audience. So when performing, onlookers aren’t just laughing at Misty, they’re also laughing at themselves and the crowd collectively. 

At the beginning of her drag career, Misty recalls feeling a separation between her on-stage and off-stage personas. However, at this point in her drag journey, that gap is closed. “Now where I’m at, Misty Violet is me,” Misty tells In The Know, explaining that drag is “not just a character, it’s my superhero power that I put on, and it’s just me being able to be more me.” 

When it comes to getting ready, Misty’s makeup routine is entertainment in its own right. Approximately one thousand to two thousand viewers tune into TikTok live to watch Misty “slap on a face.”

While Misty’s intentions for social media were definitely career-focused in the beginning, she’s come to realize its power to foster community. “On the daily, I get messages from people just saying that me showing up on their feed has helped them,” Misty tells In The Know, explaining how viewers’ responses illustrate the true importance of maintaining an online presence. 

As a result of her drag and social media platform, Misty sees herself  as a representative of “both the queer and the trans community,” explaining that she’s “always been here for all the weirdos, all the rejects, all the people that have felt ostracized by mainstream society.”  

In her rejection of society’s gender binary, Misty is “fully comfortable” presenting as both masculine and feminine and demands “respect either way.” When serving a more feminine look, Misty describes her personal style as “a taste.” For her, the shopping process is “essentially if I see something, I’m like, ‘That’s hideous. I need it.” 

While Misty’s fashion sense can be summed up in one word, the magic of bringing a performance to life cannot. Ultimately, humor, self-love, and self-acceptance are at the core of Misty’s drag performances. “My goals are just to be able to do what I love, to be able to support the people that I love, and to be surrounded by the people that I love,” Misty shares. “And, I’m there! Thanks, universe!” 

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