Mix’d Roots makes Caribbean-influenced infusions for all your summer cocktails

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Ever infused fruit in your water? How about in your at-home cocktails? If not, Mix’d Roots has you covered with its Caribbean-influenced fruits and spices to infuse and garnish your drink with punches of flavor.

As a mother with roots in the Dominican Republic, founder Argentina Flores brought the brand to life in 2020. Driven by her passions for celebrating her culture and bringing people together, Mix’d Roots serves as a destination to combine Domican flavors with community festivities. The brand makes fruity infusions for classic cocktails to be sipped alone or enjoyed with friends. However, the brand uniquely uses fruits and spices popular in the Caribbean and South America that are free of additives and preservatives.

You can legit become your own mixologist with the Mix’d Roots Sangria, Spicy Margarita, Guava Martini and more flavorful infusions for a fool-proof drink. Plus, you can make 8-12 servings with a single jar. For $24, it can serve as a budget-friendly way to save money when throwing your cocktail parties.

Spicy Margarita, $24

Credit: Mix’d Roots

Making 8-10 cocktails, this infusion is filled with grapefruit, pineapple, lime and jalapeño. Make this Spicy Margarita on Taco Tuesday for a spicy kick. The brand recommends using either tequila, mezcal or vodka with this mix. 

Sangria, $24

Credit: Mix’d Roots

Pair this Sangria the traditional Spanish way with rum or brandy. But if that’s too bold for you, you can always combine the peach, apple, pear, orange, cinnamon, lemon and organic sugar mix with red or white wine. 

Guava Martini, $24

Credit: Mix’d Roots

Green-apple and kiwi spices bring out the guava flavor in this pack of mixed roots. Gin or vodka is best for this Guava Martini cocktail, and it’s such a simple recipe, your friends will think you’re a master in mixology.

Piña, $24

Credit: Mix’d Roots

Natural ingredients of pineapple, guava, lemon, orange and organic sugar combine to deliver you this tropical refresher. When you mix this Piña infusion with light rum or vodka, you’ll face the taste of its sweet and tangy flavor.

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