Mizkif says he can’t get a mortgage because of his $10,000 Warcraft costume

A popular streamer says that he’s struggling to secure a home loan because of an extravagant fan purchase.

Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo was elated when he won an online auction in August for a suit of armor with a sword and shield from Warcraft, the 2016 film based on the legendary game series from Blizzard Entertainment. Mizkif now claims that the auction may have cost him a mortgage.

“They’re [mortgage companies] looking at all my stuff and they’re saying why are you spending ten thousand dollars on armor when you’re about to buy a house,” Mizkif shared on his stream. “So now we have to deal with two different companies and we’re getting f***ed over for the loan.”

Mizkif said he’s been living as frugally as he can to prove himself as a reliable borrower.

It’s unlikely that this is the sole factor behind Mizkif’s financing woes. The streamer also shared that he’s worth around $700,000 but didn’t pay his taxes in 2019 out of ignorance. As a result, he said he had to pay almost $200,000 in taxes in 2020.

Still, you may be wondering why a bank or mortgage company would be reluctant to approve Mizkif’s loan if he has over half a million dollars. As a Redditor helpfully explained, the greatest factor that banks look at when assessing loans is stability.

Streaming is already a volatile career which is largely dependent on donations from viewers so a streamer’s earnings can fluctuate wildly from month to month. Combining that with being late on your taxes and spending thousands of dollars on a seemingly frivolous purchase doesn’t inspire much confidence in mortgage companies.

Although buying the Alliance soldier armor has been a disaster for Mizkif’s mortgage search, he maintained that he doesn’t regret the decision at all.

“I actually f***ed myself so hard because I bought this f***ing armor,” he continued on stream, “So really, really not a good time to buy it but it was still worth it. I’m telling you, it was worth it!”

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