Here’s how TikTok users are making their eyes go sideways for a trend

TikTok is full of fun trends but the best ones are the kind you can easily do at home

People are using a trick to make their eyes move in opposite directions. Besides being a cool party trick, it also makes the eyes appear more animated. Most folks will be able to try this at home and luckily every video in the trend includes instructions on how to do it. 

What is the “look behind the camera” trend on TikTok

“Look at the camera then look at something behind the camera,” TikToker @paigelayle captioned a video. 

First, she looked directly at the camera. Then her eyes wandered to view something behind the lens. This caused her left eyeball to move further left and the right eye to move further right. The effect made it appear as though her eyes had slowly enlarged almost like a cartoon character.

The video received 18.8 million views and sparked a trend where people repeated the trick. Most of the videos use Frank Sinatra’s “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” as the sound. 

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful / But the fire is so mmm delightful / Since we’ve no place to go  / Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, Sinatra sang in the soundbite. 

How to do the “look behind the camera” trend on TikTok 

TikToker @dannyphantom.exe exemplifies how to do the trend the best

1. Stare into your camera lens while lip-syncing the first line of the song.

2. When you get to the “fire” lyric slowly move your gaze to focus on an object behind the lens as you continue to lip-sync. 

3. Lastly react to your eye movements by poking fun at yourself. 

The user @supashek was shocked at how he looked with his eyes like that

Author Hank Green was able to move his eyes pretty far apart. It was quite impressive

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