This powerful healing crystal is said to help you find your true purpose

In alternative medicine, healing crystals are used to remedy maladies both mental and physical. According to Live Science, people who believe in this unconventional healing method claim that the crystals channel positive energy into the body and banish negative, harmful energy.

There are myriad crystals out there that are said to have healing properties, but one powerful crystal in particular is currently going viral on TikTok: moldavite.

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On Feb. 5, a user who goes by Kylie Sage made a video in tears detailing her own intense experience with the stone.

“Hey TikTok. I just wanted to say, if you were thinking about getting moldavite, don’t do it unless you wanna find out some sh** that you didn’t wanna know about yourself,” she said in her video, which has received more than 1.3 million likes. “Like, don’t do it.”

What is moldavite?

According to Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, moldavite is a rare green tektite that, according to scientists, was formed as the result of a meteorite colliding with Earth some 15 million years ago. It’s mostly found around the Vltava River in the Czech Republic, which makes it very rare and therefore pricey.

What does moldavite do?

Recently, Molly Donlan, co-owner of Mettā Movement and an expert in the mind/body connection, responded to Sage’s video and explained a little bit about “the power of moldavite.”

“Moldavite is pretty intense,” she said. “Essentially moldavite removes obstacles that are between you and the path that you are meant to be on. Any door that has a ‘what if?’ behind it? Closed or immediately opened. That situationship that you’re in that you’re not sure what you are? Bye bye. It’s gone.”

“When these things happen it can feel like major life shifts and they can feel really awful at the time they happen, but a year later you will be in a much better place,” she added. “That’s the power of moldavite and if you can’t find one right now it’s because you’re not ready.”

How to use moldavite

According to Crystal Benefits, using moldavite is relatively simple. Many people carry the stone around with them or wear it as jewelry — and when they do, they often feel “a surge of energy vibrations” and “intense heat,” which is referred to as the moldavite flush.

Since moldavite is such a powerful healing stone, most healers suggest using it only when you’re in a healthy mental state. Moldavite amplifies your energy and emotions and encourages you to release any pent-up feelings, so if you’re stressed, upset or anxious, using it can backfire.

To fully benefit from the healing properties of moldavite and balance out the power of the stone, Crystal Benefits suggests pairing it with another stone like smoky quartz, hematite, jet, tanzanite, azeztulite, charoite, black obsidian or black tourmaline.

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