Molecular salad is a thing, and this TikTok chef has the recipe

If you’re not a fan of traditional salads, this might be the snack for you. TikTok chef Michael Ligier (@ligier) recently shared a recipe for a dish he calls a “molecular salad,” and it completely reimagines what a salad can be. 

In the video, Ligier shares how he used molecular gastronomy techniques to transform traditional salad ingredients into something truly unique. If you’re new to molecular gastronomy, it’s a culinary discipline in which chefs use food science to whip up creative and unusual recipes.


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The first step, Ligier explains, is creating fake caviar using agar powder, balsamic vinegar and kumquat juice. With these ingredients, Ligier is able to create balsamic vinegar balls that look like caviar but taste more like salad dressing.

Next, he finely chops his salad ingredients, including lettuce, bell peppers and pine nuts. 

Finally, he tosses the veggies, balsamic vinegar caviar and some high-quality olive oil into an edible film capsule, which he folds and seals with heat. 

The final product is a transparent triangular packet that looks more like a spring roll than a salad. 

‘I wanted to trick myself into thinking I wasn’t eating a salad’

Ligier explains that he came up with the idea of molecular salad for one simple reason: He hates conventional salads. “Literally, it might be the food I hate most in the world,” he explains in the video. “So I wanted to trick myself into thinking I wasn’t eating a salad while still preserving the same flavors of a salad.”

Many commenters thought Ligier’s molecular salad looked appetizing.

“I hate salad but I think I’d love this,” one TikToker wrote.

“You need to open a molecular gastronomy restaurant some day,” another TikTok user suggested.

Some viewers were more skeptical, noting that the salad was too small to be a satisfying snack

One TikToker put it succinctly when they pointed out, “It’s just a bite of salad.”

Of course, if you don’t like traditional salads, “just a bite of salad” might be just what you’re looking for.

Whatever your opinion is on molecular salad, there’s no denying it’s creative!

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