Woman receives ‘around 5,500 feet’ of plants after delivery order gone wrong

Journalist Molly Quell got a lot more than she bargained for when she ordered some new plants for her garden.

In a now-viral Twitter thread, the Netherlands-based reporter shared how she ended up with 510 square meters — or around 5,500 square feet — of greenery. For reference, that’s about the size of two full tennis courts.

The confusion, it seems, appeared to be some sort of massive misunderstanding. On May 18, Quell kicked off the viral moment by revealing the number of plants she actually ordered.

“So, we ordered 51 trays of plants to install on our shed’s new green roof,” Quell wrote. “We just got a phone call from the company. They are delivering 510 square meters.”

Quell’s tweet immediately drew thousands of likes and retweets. In the meantime, the journalist promptly followed up with countless updates in what became a day-long struggle to simply not receive that many plants.

As her tweets explained, a delivery company began unloading the countless, enormous trays of plants, despite protests from Quell and her boyfriend. The order was so large, Quell said, that it took two delivery trucks to carry the order.

The situation only got worse as the delivery drivers began blaming one another and Quell’s neighbors began complaining about the street being blocked. Thankfully, Quell provided hilarious updates every step of the way.

“Company Guy wants to know if we want the extra plants ‘Or maybe one of your neighbors wants a green roof too?'” she tweeted at one point.

“510 square meters is five times the size of my entire house,” she added in another tweet.

It took hours of arguing, several delivery trucks and a literal crane, but eventually, Quell got the order taken back — along with some extra greenery for she and one of her neighbors.

Like so many viral moments, Quell’s pain became others’ enjoyment. Many users replied to the thread, thanking Quell for taking it in stride and sharing the story so humorously.

“You’re gonna need a bigger shed,” one user joked.

“This has been hands down the greatest thing I have read this year,” another added.

“Oh my…. this has made my day,” another wrote.

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