Mom accidentally tricks son into believing his grandpa died: ‘This sounds like it could be an episode from “The Office”‘

A man on TikTok was sent into panic by his mother after she told him that his grandfather had died — only to find out it was a mistake. 

“I never understood how people could put their parents in a nursing home, but my mom just won a Disney fast pass into a nursing home,” Mario Mirante (@mariomirante) said to start his post. 

Mirante explained how he was out at a bar playing trivia surrounding The Office. The night was going well, he and his partner — which was also his best friend — were firing on all cylinders. Then, he received a text from his mother. 


I will be asking Office Trivia questions in the comments. I love you mom. #mariomirante #comedy #standup #fyp #fypシ

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“I get a text from my mother around 11:30, which is an irregular time to get a text from my mom and all it says is ‘My father has passed,’” Mirante said. 

Mirante said he began to cry and went outside the bar to call his mom, and then got the full story. 

“Oh Mario, no,” his mother said. “I’m so sorry, I sent the text wrong. Grandpa’s fine. Grandpa’s okay.” 

His mother had to explain that it was actually Mirante’s best friend’s grandfather who’d passed and the text originally came from Mirante’s best friend’s mother. 

Mirante had to immediately explain to his best friend that it was his grandfather who passed. 

“I lost my grandfather and then had him resurrected, and then had to explain to my best friend that his grandfather was dead all in one night,” Mirante said. 

“This sounds like it could be an episode from ‘The Office,’” said @breeschaef.

Mirante’s story wasn’t unique to him, as several people in the comments had their parents do the same thing. 

“My mom once messaged me ‘Tony just died’ which was a relatives name,” @totalsassreads. “ But she was watching a movie and meant Tony Stark. Left out that context.”

Even outside of families, texting mishaps can be terrifying sometimes. In the Know previously covered a groomer who texted the owner that their dog was dead, only to respond with a picture of the dog saying he had a good time. 

Mirante experienced an emotional rollercoaster, but just like some of the other examples, it was just a case of misguided texting fingers.

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