Mom acts out what toddlers go through when they have ‘big feelings’: ‘Honestly, you just changed my whole perspective’

A mom is going viral for imagining what her toddler’s “tantrums” are actually like for them. 

TikTok mom @menzennial creates content about her son’s “big feelings.” The mother encourages parenting with more empathy and understanding. When a user commented that they chose to comfort their child during an outburst, @menzennial showed why she agreed. 

In the video, the mom put herself in her toddler’s shoes. She imagined what it’s like when her son wants something as simple as his blue cup and can’t have it. 

“You woke me up early and put me in these jeans that I hate and the tag is itching my skin,” the mom said. “And your breath smells disgusting; every time you come near me, I smell coffee, and I hate it. My molars are coming in and it hurts. You bumped them when you were brushing my teeth against my will; that’s torture.”

She brought herself to tears rattling off all the emotional responses her child must have during the day. 

“Everything is so out of my control and I just wanted the blue cup,” the mother said. “I know I can’t always have the blue cup but every time I have feelings, you act like they’re so not worth any of your time. If I was OK, then why am I crying? Why do I feel this way? Everything is not alright right now.” 

The video garnered over 2 million views on TikTok.

“Let kids have the small things, people,” someone commented

“And now I’m over here bawling, judging myself for every time I’ve dismissed my child’s tantrum,” another wrote

“Wow. Honestly, you just changed my whole perspective. Never thought of it this way,” a user said

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