Mom adorably freaks out when she finds out she has another grandchild

What’s better than a new grandchild? Two new grandchildren!

TikTok user lily.greiser shared an adorable video of her cousin, Tommy, revealing to his mom that he’s not just a proud dad to one new baby, but two!

“My cousin Tommy surprised his mom with a secret twin,” lily.greiser said in the video.

When Tommy came into the room where mom was sitting with his newborn daughter, he had his newborn son in his arms.

His mom was immediately shocked.

“That’s a real baby?” she said. “We have a grandson too. Are you kidding?”

“Is THIS a real kid?” the man sitting beside her asked, gesturing to the baby girl in front of him.

Both of them smiled and gasped as Tommy explained that he and his partner knew they were having twins, but they wanted it to be a surprise for everyone else.

Because of restrictions related to the global pandemic, no one came with them to their baby appointments, and they couldn’t visit after the twins were born, so they were able to pull off the surprise pretty easily.

Most commenters were over the moon for the family.

“Her reaction was completely priceless your twins were going to look back at this video one day and really hold it in their heart because it’s precious,” one user said.

“I watched this way too many times lol her reaction is the best!” another wrote.

Others thought the mom had a cold reaction to the “secret twin.”

“She wants nothing to do with the child,” one user wrote.

“She also was afraid to take her new grandson,” another said.

In a follow-up video, lily.greiser explained that it wasn’t that the mom was afraid to hold the baby, she was just “shocked.” And who wouldn’t be?

Step aside, gender reveals — “twin reveals” are taking over the internet now.

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