Mom always knows best: TikTokers share important life lessons from their mothers

Mom always knows best — sometimes it just takes a while to realize it. TikTokers are sharing the essential pieces of advice that their mothers gave them growing up that they value even more as adults.

TikToker Renata Dagrella started the trend by sharing an important piece of advice her mom gave her.


There are so many others too😅 moms really do know best most of the time 😂

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“What is something your mom told you when you were younger that you didn’t believe and thought she was totally wrong, but when you got older, you realized she was 100% right?” said Dagrella. “Mine is that I looked good without makeup.”

Dagrella explained that she was very insecure as a teenager and refused to leave her house without wearing a full face of makeup. Her mother encouraged her to wear fewer cosmetics and embrace her natural beauty, but younger Dagrella preferred a heavy amount of glamour. Dagrella now appreciates her mother’s advice as an adult, realizing she doesn’t need makeup to feel beautiful.

TikTokers related to Dagrella’s experience with makeup and shared similar pieces of beauty advice their mothers gave them when they were younger.

“[My mom told me] to not touch my eyebrows… I thought they looked like straight-up caterpillars. Now I have the BEST eyebrows,” a TikToker commented.

“My mom told me not to straighten my hair every day, and I ignored her because I was insecure! It looked so bad,” another wrote. “Still trying to fix my damaged curls.”

TikTok user @liamsayywhaat posted a video responding to Dagrella and shared his mother‘s valuable advice about bullies.


#stitch with @rendagrella LISA WAS RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING!

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“They actually are jealous of you,” @liamsayywhaat said. “And those negative things they say about you are exactly what they think about themselves.”

Those words of wisdom resonated with viewers.

“Yup, people are just projecting most of the time,” a TikToker commented.

“So true. Why did I never believe her?” someone said.

“No one can make other people feel miserable better than people who are already miserable,” another wrote.

In another stitch video, TikToker Chelsea shared her mother’s perspective on friendship: Value quality over quantity.

“You can count your true friends on one hand,” Chelsea said in response to Dagrella’s question. “My mom always told me that when it came down to it, there’s very few people who’d be there for you through thick and thin, and she was right.”

TikTok users agreed with Chelsea’s mother.

“When you see those large friend groups, 9/10 all those girls lowkey don’t like each other,” a TikToker remarked.

“Your mum is always right!!” someone commented.

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