Mom thinks Amazon delivery is at the door, opens it to find ‘best surprise ever’

This TikToker’s mom surprised her after two years apart, and it’s so emotional!

Kirra Brown (@_kirra_brown_) is a TikToker and parent who was separated from her mom for two years because of Covid-19. Kirra shared an emotional video of the moment her mom came for a surprise visit, and it’s so moving!

The video starts as Kirra goes to open her front door. Her daughter, wearing a pink polka dotted dress, runs up to the door behind her. “Thought I was opening the door to another Amazon package delivery,” Kirra explains in a caption. “But it was actually my mom that I haven’t seen (or hugged) in 2 years. My sweet husband, mom, bosses, and other friends and family kept this a surprise and it was the best one ever.”

Kirra opens the door, expecting to see a delivery driver with a package for her. Instead, her mom stands outside. Kirra looks back at her husband, who is filming the emotional scene, a look of shock on her face.

Kirra’s mom enters the house, with a gigantic smile on her face, as Kirra covers her face and begins to cry. Kirra’s mom opens her arms wide and gives her teary-eyed daughter a gigantic hug. Kirra presses her face into her mom’s shoulder and sobs with joy, as her family looks on. The video ends with Kirra and her mom hugging, as her mom rubs her back to comfort her. 

In a follow-up video, Kirra explained the background behind the surprise and why it has been so long since she saw her mom. “I saw my mom in December of 2019, and then Covid started in February or March,” she explains. “And then we never got to see her because the borders were closed.” 

After two years of separation, Kirra’s husband got in contact with her mom and decided to hatch a surprise. Together, they planned a surprise visit, even including Kirra’s friends and employers in the plan. “My mom got a hold of my sweet husband and my other family members and friends and they all kept it a secret from me, and my bosses were in on it too. They’re so sneaky,” she explains. “So I finally got to see her, finally got to hug her.”

Viewers were moved by Kirra’s sweet moment with her mom. 

“The bond between a mom and daughter is so special. Glad you finally got to see her. What a great surprise,” one viewer wrote. 

“I’m so happy for y’all! There’s no love like a Mama’s love,” another viewer exclaimed. 

Other viewers shared their own stories of separation. 

“Canadian living in the states here. I feel your pain. My mom is here now visiting!” one TikToker shared. 

“I’m in Rhode Island and my parents are in Alabama. I’ll see them for the first time in 2 years this week,” commented another TikToker. 

It can be tough being separated from family, but it makes the moment of reunion all the more meaningful! 

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