Mom takes little girl to her very first manicure in adorable TikTok: ‘She is so precious’

This mother-daughter duo went viral for sharing their adorable girls’ day to celebrate Children’s Day in Korea

In Korea, the month of May celebrates families by dedicating specific dates to specific family members. May 5th recognizes children, May 8th recognizes parents, and May 15th recognizes teachers.

To celebrate, this mom and daughter decided to go for manicures!


Happy Children’s Day in Korea! Sarang got to experience her first mani as a fun gift for her Children’s Day 🥰 #toddlersoftiktok #parentsoftiktok

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Julie Lin (@juliehlin) wakes her daughter Sarang up with a joyful “Happy Children’s Day!” 

“Are you ready to go on a date with Umma?” asks Julie.

“Yeah!” laughed Sarang.

Next Julie tells Sarang to pick out her dress. Sarang chooses a beautiful purple dress from her closet of many fun dresses. 

Once Sarang is buckled up in her car seat, Julie asks, “Show me your excitement!”

“How do [I show] excitement?” replies Julie.

Julie proceeds to demonstrate a little scream! “Ahh!” she cries.

“Ahh!” screams Sarang with a big smile.

Now the adorable fun begins! Julie leads Sarang by the hand to her first manicure appointment. She lets Sarang pick out whatever color she wants. Sarang chooses the most vibrant hot pink on the chart of color options. While getting her nails done, Sarang sits patiently and nods that she is happy.

Once she’s done, Sarang runs down the street screaming, “I winner!”

Now back in bed for the night, Sarang cannot stop staring at her new, beautiful nails. “I love you,” says Julie. “I love you,” Sarang replies, still transfixed on her manicure.

The comments section could not hold back their adoration for Sarang and the Children’s Day date.

“Oh she’s so precious,” wrote one touched user.

“Omg she’s grown up so much I can’t handle it,” lamented a longtime follower.

Some commenters mentioned that their countries also celebrate Children’s Day.

“I LOVE KIDS DAY WE HAVE IT IN POLAND TOO,” commented an enthusiastic user.

“It was Día del Niño a few days ago. I had no idea other cultures celebrated it,” marveled one commenter. 
Whether you have Children’s Day in your country or not, celebrating your child can have a real impact on their self esteem.

Experts say that praising your child can help them understand that you’re proud of their accomplishments, which in turn makes them feel proud of themselves.

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