Mom argues that parents shouldn’t buy their kids toys

Tiffany Aufmann is the mother of two children. While she doesn’t post too frequently on her TikTok, Aufmann went viral in July for doing a little experiment with her baby. The mom made a bold claim: kids don’t actually need toys

Now before jumping to any conclusions. Aufmann doesn’t deprive her children of the brightly-colored, play objects. Many of her kid’s toys are featured in the experiment. What Aufmann demonstrates is that when it comes down to a toy made for a child and an everyday object, kids usually are more interested in the latter. Or at least, her son is. 

In the video, Aufmann puts her son in a high chair. First, she places an onion and a toy camera on his table. He grabs the onion. Then, it’s stackable rings up against a box of tissue. He goes for the Kleenex. Next, a spatula versus “Toy Story” action figures. It’s the spatula all the way.


Part 2! Comment your kids favorite non toys below! The remote is number 1 here! #momsoftiktok #parentingtips #foryoupage

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During the fourth try, a stuffed animal goes head-to-head with a toilet paper roll. The toilet paper wins. Finally, it’s the remote battling a Buzz Lightyear toy. Surprise, surprise, the baby opts for the clicker. 

Aufmann’s point is proven again. She had previously conducted the experiment before and gotten the same results. 

Her video received 2.1 million views. Parents pretty much agreed, kids like random stuff. 

“My son slept with a plastic spatula for about a year. Lol,” one user wrote

“My 7-month-old is sitting on the floor right now surrounded by his toys but playing with the bucket his toys go in and a hairbrush,” another said

“My son has played with potatoes since he was 1,” a parent added

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