Mom begs nurse to check cervix during labor, then makes shocking discovery under bedsheet: ‘Listen to your body, ladies’

A mom’s shocking delivery story is going viral — and inspiring women everywhere to self-advocate during labor.

Jess (@autist_artist_) gained millions of views and likes when she stitched a response to the prompt, “What’s the craziest thing that happened in your labor?”

Now, much like the mom who was handed the wrong newborn baby not once, but twice by hospital staff, Jess’s harrowing birth story is shocking parents around the world. 

“I dilated really quickly with my first kid,” Jess explains in the now-viral video. “So for my second kid, I told the nurse, ‘Hey, I dilate really fast, can you keep a check on my cervix? Because I don’t want to have a baby in the bed when nothing’s prepared.'”

After giving her nurse this warning, Jess got settled in and was given her epidural — when suddenly, she began to feel a lot of pressure.

So Jess asked her nurse to check her — only to be told nonchalantly that she was “only at a 7.”

As Jess tried to rest and get sleep, the pressure only continued to mount. Finally, after it became too much, Jess asked her husband to get the nurse (who had not been responding to the call button).

But before he left, Jess “jokingly” asked her husband, “Can you check under the sheet? I just want to make sure there’s not a baby laying there.”

“Guess what he found when he checked? My son. All seven-and-a-half pounds of him… Listen to your body, ladies. It knows what it’s doing.”

“If only we could convince medical professionals that we know our own body…”

Thousands of TikTokers were shocked by Jess’s story — but, sadly, some found her experience all too relatable.

“My nurses told me to calm down, I was only at 6. I said, no, I need to push. One push later and she barely caught him,” one user commented.

“I feel so unheard every time I’m in labor. With my last baby, they tried to send me home twice, but my water broke at check-in & he was born 1 hour later,” another parent shared.

“You’d think after ALL the women, these RNs would realize not one woman is the same. LISTEN to the one having the baby!!” commented one parent.

“L&D RN here! I caught a baby with no gloves because she went from 8 to crowning in one contraction. It happens fast for some, I listen to my patients!” one nurse replied.

“If only we could convince medical professionals that we know our own body 🤨,” another user commented.

“This is why i’m going into medicine. i’m tired of people being ignored and left to deal with their own pain/medical issues,” wrote another user.

Hopefully, stories like Jess’s will one day be a thing of the past as more doctors and nurses take heed of their patients’ warnings and gut feelings.

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