Mom brings adorable guest on stage to accept her diploma at graduation

A high school graduate and new mom went viral on TikTok for bringing her son on stage with her when she received her high school diploma!

Model, mom and recent high school graduate Kassi Rivera (@kassirivera4) recorded her uniquely personal graduation experience and can now relive it forever! In the opening of the TikTok post, the on-screen text reads, “This is how my graduation went.” The video then shows Kassi walking across the stage with her baby, Mylo. As she walks, Kassi holds Mylo up high, and the crowd cheers loudly. 

Mylo looked adorable, wearing his own little graduation cap to match his mom!

The viral TikTok has 12.8 million views and counting, and has reminded parents that they can accomplish their dreams with their kids in tow! TikTok viewers were so proud of Kassi and let her know in the comments. 

‘You did it mama!’

One TikToker commented, “Congratulations! This gave me chills. You did it mama!”

An inspired fellow mom wrote, “Not gonna lie this made me cry and go pick up my baby!” 

Another mom reminisced on her experience, commenting, “OMG I cried! I walked the stage 8 months pregnant!” 

While one presumptuous TikToker commented on the video, “I hope it’s college graduation and not high school,” other viewers rushed to Kassi’s defense. They reminded the commenter that this high school graduation was a happy occasion and that there is no need for judgment.

“Does it matter either way? Obviously [she’s] doing a great job raising a kid and still graduated! [That’s] more than some accomplish without a child! Much love,” wrote one TikToker.

“Let her celebrate her accomplishment,” another TikToker wrote. “She did it despite the odds. She’s an inspiration to young mothers.”

While teen pregnancy and motherhood contribute significantly to girls’ high school dropout rates, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Kassi defied the odds and inspired other young parents to follow their dreams no matter what!

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