Unemployed mom brings toddler to ‘child-friendly’ interview: ‘Dear corporate America, make this normal’

An unemployed mom has gone viral for bringing her toddler to an interview, and TikTok is applauding the “child-friendly” company!

As she explained in her video, mom and TikToker, Maggie Mundwiller (@314handcrafted), was left jobless after being laid off due to Covid-19.

When a second interview rolled around for a new job opportunity, Maggie wasn’t sure what to do, as she had no childcare options.

But that’s when her potential new employers let her know they’re “child-friendly” and invited her to bring her toddler son along — much to Maggie’s shock!

So, Maggie decided that if she was going to bring her baby, she might as well make a fun first impression! She dolled up her son, dressed him in a little suit, wrote up a “resume” for him, and in they went.

In the end, Maggie concluded her video by saying, “It was a great experience. What a welcoming company culture.”

And for those wondering what her son’s resume said, look no further:

Objective: To not find a job and eat all the snacks.

– Can destroy a clean space in 30 seconds
Can take off own diaper
Can say about five words that start with “B” or “D”
Smell flowers with my teeth
Go downstairs while holding my mom’s hand
Can throw a ball
Can spot a dog a mile away

Experience: March 2020 – Present, None
Education: Mom & Dad University, GPA 4.0
References: Mom and Dad

While she’s yet to find out if she got the job, it’s certain Maggie and her tiny professional made a great impression!

‘About time companies started supporting working mothers!’

TikTokers were quick to flood Maggie’s comments with praise for the child-friendly company.

“Dear corporate America, make this normal,” wrote one user.

“Glad it’s a toddler-friendly business! People don’t talk about the need for child care enough!” another user wrote.

“Stop!!! This is the cutest thing!! Where on earth do businesses like this exist?!” asked another user.

“This is so incredibly special and a huge win for all of us mamas!” one user wrote.

“About time companies started supporting working mothers!” another user commented.

“Well done! That sounds so stressful, but you turned it into something awesome!” wrote one user.

To this, Maggie replied, “It made me more comfortable to be able to be my true self. I wish every interaction in life was so authentic.”

The video even inspired some corporate employees to make changes of their own. “This is amazing! I think I’m going to see if this is something I can implement as I am the head of HR where I work,” wrote one TikToker.

To this, Maggie responded, “Yes! Normalize stay-at-home parents in transitions! Thank you!”

Hopefully, Maggie’s experience becomes the new normal for parents everywhere!

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