Mom hacks off broccoli stems at supermarket, causes TikTok controversy: ‘I am not paying for these’

A mom shared her technique for buying broccoli by the pound — now TikTok is talking. 

The user @mimicarter81 took her camera to the aisles of the grocery store. When she shared that she wasn’t willing to pay for any part of the broccoli she wasn’t going to eat, people weren’t sure about the tactic. 

“I am not paying for these,” she explained. “I am only going to pay for what I am going to eat.” 

The mom cut the stems off of her broccoli by the pound and put them back in the pile. She then bagged the crowns and weighed those to get the retail price. 

The video received 6 million views and mixed reactions from TikTok

“This is why I always peel my potatoes at the grocery store,” a user said

“I cut my watermelons in store cuz I only eat the middle,” another wrote

“Not me leaving the end pieces of the bread on the ground in the bread aisle,” a person commented

“Just throw the stalks back in there for everyone else to wade through and some employee to clean up. No matter as long as you save your 12 cents,” a TikToker replied

“I remove everything from its original packaging and put it all in my mouth on the way out for this same exact reason,” someone added

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