Mom magically calms 2-year-old’s tantrum in a healthy, loving way: ‘Big feelings in a little body can be hard for everyone’

A mom has gone viral for helping her 2-year-old work through a tantrum in a healthy way — and TikTok is applauding her parenting skills!

Posted by the TikTok channel @badparentingmoments, but credited to TikTok mom @bareyoursoul, the video has been collectively viewed hundreds of thousands of times — and it’s no wonder why!


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In the video, as @bareyoursoul‘s little one is experiencing a mini-meltdown, the TikTok mom explains with on-screen text, “Big feelings in a little body can be hard for everyone… Tantrums are tough, and I wanted a way to try and help him through them so we could find solutions together.”

She goes on to help her toddler work through his feelings. First, she guides him through some breathing. After he’s taken a few nice, deep breaths, she tells him to “shake it off,” and the little one briefly flaps his hands and arms.

“Once he’s calm,” she goes on to explain, “I always say ‘listening ears’ and we both point to our ears. That way he knows he has my full attention and I have his.”

The patient mom then asks her little boy what it was he wanted, and he calmly explains he wanted a snack. Mom happily agrees, much to the delight of her now-calm son.

“We get really excited together when we are able to figure out what the problem was fix it,” she concludes.

‘Wow, this is incredible…’

TikTokers jumped in the comments to express how much they loved and appreciated this mom’s way of dealing with her little one’s tantrums.

“I’m crying knowing that this kid is going to grow up to be okay and have good coping skills and be able to work through his own emotions,” one user commented.

“Wow this is incredible. The trust they have in each other really comes through here. Parenting is about teamwork,” another user wrote.

Some TikTokers even expressed that they wished they had been raised in a similar fashion.

“I wish I had this instead of ‘STOP CRYING OR I’LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT!’” one user shared.

“*cries in toxic childhood*,” another user succinctly wrote.

According to, teaching children how to recognize and regulate their emotions is crucial.

“Some children act out because they have a hard time regulating their own emotions. This is a common problem for young children who haven’t yet developed the ability to cope with big emotions in a constructive way,” the Child Mind Institute explains.

“Taking the time to notice and label emotions helps kids begin to pay attention to how they are feeling. This is important because paying attention to our emotions is the first step to learning how to manage them,” they continue.

With parents like @bareyoursoul teaching their little ones how to regulate and work through their emotions, the future of humanity is looking healthy, happy, and well-adjusted!

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