TikTok mom can’t get close enough to her baby: ‘Kissing this child is not enough’

A mom shared a hilariously relatable TikTok video about her obsession with her newborn.


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Shawna (@shawnathemom) is a mom of two who loves posting comedic skits about motherhood on her TikTok page. 

While all of her videos are about topics that are both funny and familiar to parents, a recent skit of Shawna’s—with over 700k views—really struck a chord with parents on TikTok.

Titled “Mom Love,” the video shows Shawna holding and kissing a baby doll while saying, “Kissing this child is not enough.”

The video then cuts to Shawna wearing a baseball cap, presumably portraying her husband, saying, “Ok.”

Shawna continues as herself stating, “Holding this child is not enough. I literally want to unzip my body so that I can envelop him. Do you feel like that?”

Shawna’s “husband” replies, “Um… I mean I love him.”

Shawna doubles down on her sentiment and elaborates, “I wanna turn myself inside out so that I can feel closer to him. Is that weird?”

To which her “husband” confirms, “Yeah that’s weird.”

“I don’t care,” concludes Shawna. 

‘Cuteness aggression is a real thing!’

Bonding with your baby is an important part of parenting. It feels different for every parent and doesn’t always include feelings of wanting to turn yourself inside out. 

However, a lot of parents did in fact relate to Shawna’s feelings about her baby.

“This is exactly how I felt!!!!! ‘I can’t wait until you’re out of me’ then very quickly ‘no no no get back in and stay forever,’” wrote a fellow sentimental parent. 

“*Me, taking my newborn’s foot out of my mouth* it’s not weird,” wrote another self-aware, loving parent. 

Bonding can happen immediately, and in other cases it can take weeks or even months to feel that special attachment with your baby, according to WebMD.

But there are some tips when it comes to feeling that bond with your baby. WebMD suggests giving your newborn a gentle massage, or generally making skin-to-skin contact with them, which can both calm your baby and potentially promote bonding.

No matter how you choose to bond with your babies, one thing is clear: parents everywhere who have experienced “cuteness aggression” can certainly relate to this hilarious TikTok!

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